Renew. Reignite. Redefine.


A phenomenally powerful 12 day program of food, nutrition and mindset that will get you back on track and accelerate your results.

Do you want to feel lean, light and energised?
De-bulge, de-flab and detox?

Would your body, mind and soul benefit from a massive kickstart, a deep cleanse and some seriously accelerated results?

Then join us for a #12 DAY REBOOT!

Meet Marina Perry, Founder of Pure Health Clubs, Master Coach & Trainer

This is not a quick fix program.

(not by a long shot)

It’s a powerful launchpad to more ENERGISED, EMPOWERED living.

It’s the intentional KICKSTART IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION that you’ve been waiting for.

Are you ready to replace disempowering habits with POSITIVE HABITS that are easy to implement?

Our PROGRESSIVE and POWERFUL 12 Day Program will have you create brand new habits that are enjoyable – making them a breeze to stick to!

Facilitated by Marina Perry, Pure Founder & Master Coach & Trainer.

Marina specialises in simplifying complex concepts; making healthy habits easy to implement, enjoyable and suitable to a full lifestyle; plus inspiring people to desire positive change more than the comfort zone they’re been residing in.

What's included?

Metabolic Boosting Workouts

High quality daily workouts led by me, Marina Perry, that will include the metabolic boosting 12DRW workout followed by 12 different daily spot conditioning body transforming workouts. Join us at our morning group workouts at Pure Health Clubs Coorparoo or Newstead, tune into the live streamed sessions on Facebook, or watch the online workout videos.

Regenerative & Igniting Nutrition Plan

(inc. Recipes)

A 12DR meal plan to follow that teaches you how to include the daily nutrition essentials plus introduce your body to intermittent fasting for optimised fat stripping and metabolic enhancement. The meal plan is sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free (optional), and vegetarian friendly… but it is flavour filled and YOU WILL NOT BE HUNGRY!

Mindset & Habit Overhauls

A simple, yet wildly effective 12DR mindset manual that will include daily activities and actionables to complete

Community, Support & Inspiration

24 Hour Forum to share your journey with fellow 12DR teammates and your coach – Daily tips, health hacks and inspiration to keep you on path and on fire.

Unlimited Access to Classes

Gain unlimited access to studio classes for the duration of the 12 days to accelerate your results and establish an exercise routine you’ll love!

Starts 28 November 2018. Hurry, limited spots available!

Have you dropped the ball on your healthy habits?

(Go on, be honest…)

Has it gotten “too hard” to eat well and move regularly?

Have you gone backwards with your health goals?

Do you feel tired, flat, flabbier than you’d like, and generally more blahhh than you deserve?

Are you down on yourself about it and now it’s affecting everything else?!!!

Let me guess. Yes, yes and yessssss.....

How’d I know?

Nope, there’s no spy cam squirrelled away in your home or a mic stuck to your mobile

(well not that I put there anyhow 🙂 )!!

I know because:

1) I’m a woman myself…. Hi, my name’s Marina :-)…. and

2) this is what I hear from all the amazing souls that decide to dive into the #reboot experience and begin living their lives with the energy and confidence they deserve.

Simply put, I know, because we’ve all been there. We’re all human and we’ve all fallen of the bandwagon… question is what are you going to do now!?

You can stay doing what you’ve been doing or you can chose….

To pivot.

To change course.

To reboot.

Please remember, you’re not the only one to feel this way and no matter what the voices say inside your head….


You’re not lazy.


You’re not broken.


It’s not impossible for you.

You just need a hand to regain mastery of your health.


Once you understand how the mind and body really work...

and are shown a plethora of simple solutions, tactics, protocols and easy to implement habits… plus once you’re reminded about how amazing it feels to feel, well amazing…. you will become the master of your own successful, sustainable personal blueprint of wellbeing!
You won’t be the first. I’ve helped thousands improve their health, happiness and heartfulness.

It’s not my first time at the rodeo.

Let me help you too.

We all have those areas in our lives that we haven’t quite mastered …yet!

We’ll never reach mastery though, if we give up on ourselves. Transformation requires persistence and ….a better way.

Everyone benefits from an experts guidance, support and leverage when climbing to the summit.

True for us all!

When my finances are a mess… I turn to my accountant and advisors.

I leverage of their knowing, their skills and their expertise to get a better result than I could hope to get solo.

Health, though…

Movement. Energy. Cellular wellness at the highest level.

A positive mindset and living life in alignment and with self acceptance and deep love…

…well, that’s my thing.

I started my first innovative health club in 2001. I’ve trained over 150,000 people personally, have co-founded 3 different nutrition companies as well as spoken to thousands plus coached and created numerous life-transforming programs and experiences for thousands more… with my reach growing daily.

It would be my honour and privilege to help you up-level your health so you can up-level your whole life.

Join me on our next 12 Day Reboot and allow me to support you on your journey to being the best version of you ever.

What’s the 12 Day Reboot about and what does it include?

So glad you asked ;-)… read on, and get excited…

The benefits:

- Get svelte, lean, fit and strong with daily workout videos with Pure’s Master Trainer, Marina Perry
- Cleanse your system and introduce intermittent fasting techniques to maximise body fat reduction
- Reignite your life by applying simple yet effective daily actionables/tasks
- Create a positive mindset and advanced psychology

If you want to:

- Get your body burning fat and building lean muscle
- Cleanse your body and optimise your nutrition
- Heal your digestion and improve your immunity
- Get clear on your life goals and enhance your daily habits
- Overhaul your mindset and press play on positivity, clarity and inspiration

Sound good? Then take a peek inside the Program...

Program Outline

  Day 2
Available in days
days after you enroll

“I was definitely fitter and stronger by the end of the program. As a bonus I also lost a few kilos. However, the most valuable aspect for me was the reboot of my metabolism which seems to have lasting effects. This program really is a great way to reset your mindset and reboot your metabolism, you will have plenty of support along the way!”

- Teresa W

“I dropped a dress size and by the end of the program I completed the river loop (in under 50 minutes), something I never thought I could!”

- Shelley B

“I needed a kick up the bum and with the team’s inspiration & guidance the 12 day reboot did it for me! My diet was going sideways and I was feeling sluggish and heavy. I’m a regular exerciser but enjoy mixing things up. The meal plan was easy to follow and being busy I found that preparing in advance was the way to go. I personally loved the morning and night exercise (yeah it was tough some days) but we laughed a lot and when I started seeing results it gave me the added motivation to keep it up after the program.”

- Jo S

“I lost 4kgs by the end of the 12 Day Reboot Program! It was the best 12 days and would love to do it again.”

- Bev L

“I lost 2.5kg and toned up! I have been trying to lose weight all year but had not lost any. The program was great as it showed how much food I needed to eat and how much exercise I needed to do to lose weight. So in the week after the program I have lost another .5kg and I now have the motivation to keep going to get to my goal weight which I’m 3kgs off!”

- Natalie P

“After the 12 days I had reduced my bloating, increased my energy and decreased my sugar cravings. It’s a fantastic kick start, for your body and your mindset, and you definitely won’t regret it.”

- Lauren B

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the program?
You have access for the full 12 days of the Reboot, after which the program closes ready for the next round.
What if I am unhappy with the program?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in within the first few days and we will give you a full refund.
What if I want to do the Reboot again?
Want the good news or the better news? Yes, we would love to welcome you back for another Reboot, and once you've done it once, you'll be able to do future Reboots at 50% off the usual price!
Renew. Reignite. Redefine.


No shame in admitting when we need to redirect, realign and reconnect with our goals, ourselves and get back behind the wheel.

We all get a little off course… and when we do its essential to achieving the best results that we once again become the captain of our lives…

In fact giving ourselves the time to systematically take stock, refocus and regain control is the an essential gift you must frequently give yourself and your life.


Don’t waste time being overly busy and caught in the rut of life, ensure you make time to give yourself inspiration and the gift of re-ignition… of your life and health.

Good health really is the essential foundation for it all, so give yourself exactly that and reach optimised physical and emotional wellbeing….so you can then elevate every area of your life – relationships, career, pat and purpose, you name it!

…let’s do this!

You know you want to be a part of #12 Day Reboot! And I definitely want you to!

Why?… because I know you’ll get amazing results.

This program is designed to hold you accountable….accountability is the essential missing link that is the difference between smashing your goals and never achieve them.

I’ve created this phenomenally powerful 12 day program of food, nutrition and mindset that will see you cleanse and fortify your insides; strengthen, tone and transform your outside, all whilst rewiring and revolutionising your mindset and relationship to self.

Starts 28 November 2018. Hurry, limited spots available!

Still have questions?

Call us at Pure Health Clubs Coorparoo on 07 3324 1188 and our friendly team will answer any questions you have.